「Please keep me in the picture.」不是老闆要和你一起拍照

「Please keep me in the picture.」不是老闆要和你一起拍照
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Get the picture意思是明白,這句話也經常單獨使用,有點勸告意味,教人識時務。


Please keep me in the picture. I need to know how the project is going.

到底是什麼picture?千要不要以為老闆要和你一起拍照之類的。「Keep someone in the picture」是指「讓人了解具體情況和事態的來龍去脈」。

  • Please keep me in the picture.


In the picture=在照片裡?

我們熟悉的picture是照片、電影,但「In the picture」中的「picture」是比較抽象的「局面、狀況」。大家常用的「big picture」,指的是事情的大方向、整體輪廓,也就是這個概念。來看一個例句:

I'm trying to learn about the other side of the picture.(我試著也瞭解事情的另一面)

In the picture除了可以是熟知事情狀況,還有「可以想得到的」這層意思:

  • It just isn’t in the picture that they’ll get married .


Paint/draw a picture=畫一張圖?

  • Do I have to draw you a picture or you can visualize this?


Paint/draw a picture字面意思是畫一張圖,可以引申為「講清楚,說透徹」,是常用的口語:

I just don’t like it. Do I have to draw a picture?(我就是不喜歡這樣。難道非得我講得那麼白?)

Out of the picture=沒在照片中?

  • I’ve been away for a few weeks so I’m rather out of the picture.


Out of the picture剛好和in the picture相對,意思就是搞不清楚狀況。

Out of the picture還可以引申為「死去的」:

Now that Tom is out of the picture, we needn’t concern ourselves about his objections.(既然湯姆不在世了,我們也就不必在意他的反對意見了)

Get the picture?=拿到照片了嗎?

  • After I told him about six times, he got the picture.


Get the picture意思是明白,這句話也經常單獨使用,有點勸告意味,教人識時務:

Things are tough around here, and we need everyone’s cooperation. Get the picture?(情況很險惡,我們需要大家配合。明白嗎?)