Fr. Peter Hung Nguyen and Michelle Kuo



Father Peter Hung Nguyen founded the Vietnamese Office for Migrants and Immigrants, located in Taoyuan, in 2004, and has served as its director for fifteen years. Father Nguyen came to Taiwan 33 years ago and has been recognized by the United States Department of State as a “hero acting to end modern-day slavery.” 

Michelle Kuo (怡慧) 是社運律師和作家.怡慧寫過一本回憶錄《陪你讀下去》(Reading with Patrick,討論在密西西比河三角洲的閱讀、書寫與監獄生活,這本書在美國、英國、中國、臺灣、日本,以及(即將在)韓國發行。《陪你讀下去》榮獲戴頓文學和平獎(Dayton Literary Peace Prize)亞軍及戈達德‧里弗塞德與史蒂芬‧羅素社會正義新書獎(Goddard Riverside Stephan Russo Book Prize for Social Justice).

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