Humans of Taiwan



We are Teresa, Alyssa and Start. There are soundscape and landscape, but why don't we have "peoplescape" ? People often said that the best scenery of Taiwan is the people. We want to create an image of Taiwan with the stories of the people living on this island we deeply cherished. Teresa is a marketing manager in a hospitality startup. She is going to Uganda in June and will be staying there for the next two years doing Peace Corps. She wants to introduce Taiwan to African and American people with this blog. Alyssa is working in a major PR company. She is a quirky girl who loves taking photos of daily life. She likes indie music, good films and to meet diverse people. She hopes the stories told here can inspire people in different ways, and good ways. Start is a physically-challenged undergrad student major in law. Despite his physical disabled he travels extensively throughout Taiwan to share the idea of social innovation, social design and social entrepreneurship. He is very pissed that the bright side of humanity isn't promoted very well in the society. He hopes that the stories told here can inspire people in various and positive ways. follow us on weibo微博: follow us on twitter: @humansoftw follow us on News Lens: Collaborated blog: Yunlin One and All 有風景、地景、音景,但是為什麼沒有“人景”? 人們常說,台灣最美的風景是人,但是我們該如何透過“人”來建構我們社會的生活樣貌? 我們Alyssa, Teresa和庭碩,Humans fo Taiwan希望透過一張照片,幾句對話,撰寫一般人的故事,勾勒出這個島嶼的樣子。 Teresa是一個文化旅店的行銷經理,即將在6月展開為期兩年的烏干達社企大冒險,希望藉由Humans of Taiwan將台灣的樣貌介紹給外國人。 Alyssa目前任職於公關公司,喜愛音樂電影,以及認識各式各樣的人,希望透過Humans of Taiwan的計畫使臺灣人更了解彼此,也使世界更了解臺灣。 庭碩是社會企業推廣講師,坐輪椅但喜歡四處旅行,痛恨好故事、好價值沒被人知道,希望透過Humans of Taiwan的計畫讓台灣的好人兒被看到,也消消自己的怨氣。 follow us on weibo微博: follow us on twitter: @humansoftw follow us on 關鍵評論網: 合作專頁: 雲林有大家