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關於戰車一節,剛巧看到了外國Midievalist網站一篇文章,講同樣是在中世紀,十五世紀的胡斯戰爭,胡斯派(Hussites)就是用戰車戰術對抗天主教和神羅帝國的騎兵部隊,堅守了幾十年之久。 《The Wagenberg: How wagons became a medieval weapon of war》節錄文章: //War wagons and wagon forts had been used in the past by various peoples for military purposes, but it was the Hussites who used them to such an extent and in such a way that gave them a military superiority over the best heavy cavalry that the Germans, Hungarians, Knightly orders, and the Papal States could field.// //The Hussites, the majority of whom were townsmen or peasants, were greatly inferior in cavalry compared to their opponents. The Hussites’ first military leader, Jan Zizka (a former captain of King Wenceslaus’s palace guard and later a mercenary), was an excellent soldier and tactician. ...... Zizka’s solution was to develop the Hussite wagenberg tactic, which allowed his soldiers to withstand the enemy cavalry’s attacks.// https://www.medievalists.net/2019/01/wagenberg-war-wagons/